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Elder Resource Alliance: All About

Our Mission:
Elder Resource Alliance is a coalition of organizations and individuals, within the Portland metropolitan area, that works to enhance the lives of older gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersex community members through education, advocacy, outreach and resource development.

What drives us.......

The estimated 10,000 LGBTQI elders in and around the Portland metropolitan area.

     Medicaid regulations protect the assets of married spouses when the other spouse enters a nursing home or long-term care facility; no such protections are offered to same-sex partners.

                                     (2000 Outing Aging)


    LGBTQI elders are 5 times less likely to access mainstream senior
service programs.                     
(2004 Sage)


    Social Security does not pay benefits to surviving same-sex life partners, costing LGBTQI seniors $124 million a year in unaccessed benefits.

                                    (2000 Outing Aging)

We encourage GLBTQI seniors to help us create change in the community by joining us at our meetings the first Wednesday of the month.

Elder Resource Alliance diversity trainings seek to increase sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the elder LGBTQI community by incorporating both academic materials and personal experiences in our presentations.


We present our training curriculum to college classes, social service agencies,
groups of long-term care providers, or other groups upon request.


Contact us for information on upcoming workshops or about scheduling
one for your company.


Past trainings have included:


OHSU School of Nursing

    Portland State University School of Social Work

Linfield College School of Nursing

Elders in Action

Local Senior Centers

Assisted Living Facilities

        Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services


Contact ERA Coordinator at




LGBTQI elders are often more socially isolated (closeted) than their younger counterparts.  Outreach efforts are directed at letting them know there is a community resource available to address their needs with sensitivity.

Weekly Activity Program

Most activities are held at

Friendly House

(Corner of NW 26th & Thurman)


Monthly Business Meeting

          Every 1st Wednesday 2:30pm


ESecond Thursday Socials 1:00pm

      Located at Niki’s Restaurant

      736 SE Grand Ave. (at Morrison)

 Trimet Buses # 6 and  # 15

Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to find out about day and time of these events!


EGames Day

EMovie Day

EEducational Seminars

EField Trips



EBreakfast Bingo

EPride Festivals

EWriting and Art Workshops



Call about Volunteering for activities or for helping with diversity training!


“Thank God for Friendly House and Elder Resource Alliance, where people understand me and accept me for who I am." 
Nikki, weekly activity program participant,      



ERA's Monthly Business Meetings:

ERA meets at 2:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month at:


Friendly House Community Center

1737 NW 26th Ave

Portland, OR 97210

(NW 26th and Thurman)


For more info

Contact ERA Coordinator


Or Email us at





ERA is a program of Friendly House Inc.