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Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival
4 Days of Inspiration, Illumination and Conversation

When:  Thursday May 28-Sunday May 31

Where:  Clinton Street Theatre

Address:  2522 SE Clinton St., Portland Oregon

For More info about films, festival passes and tickets:


As part of Portland Queer Documentary Film Fest:
Elder Resource Alliance and Senior Housing and Retirement Enterprises are Community Sponsors of the compelling film:

"A Place To Live: The Story of Triangle Square"

Screening on Sunday, May 31, at 1pm

Producer Cynthia Childs in attendance

"A PLACE TO LIVE movingly chronicles the creation of Triangle Square, an innovative affordable housing project specifically addressing the needs of LGBT seniors in Los Angeles. As housing and living costs continue to rise and the health care system becomes increasingly more inaccessible, many LGBT seniors face further marginalization and isolation. The first of its kind in the nation, Triangle Square is part of a burgeoning movement to create new models for community throughout the United States.

Central to the story are the seven remarkable and colorful individuals who embark upon an emotional rollercoaster in search of their future home. Triangle Square has given each of them hope, and we follow these courageous elders through the highly competitive and tension-filled application process. At the same time we are offered a very intimate look into their histories, dreams, and fears. With great humor and determination they face the challenge of their uncertain future in order to find a secure, safe place to live – for some, for the first time in their lives.

A PLACE TO LIVE is as much a celebration of collaborative vision and hope as it is an exploration of our diverse history and the importance of human connection. The film underscores the great need in our society for building communities that honor our elder citizens and that address the concerns of an already vulnerable population."

A PLACE TO LIVE dir Carolyn Coal 2008 USA 88 min.

This is 4 days of documentary bests!
For more information and to purchase tickets to any of the fabulous documentaries screenings go to:


See you there!
All best and respect you deeply deserve.
in solidaridad

You can help enhance the lives of LGBTQI senior citizens today!
Direct link to donate dollars! On drop down menu, designate Elder Resource Alliance!


Rachel Indigo Cerise Baum
Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies
University of Oregon, 2002 

Program Coordinator 
Elder Resource Alliance
Friendly House Sr. Program

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Mail To:      2617 NW Savier St
Voice: 503.224.2640
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